Tourist places in Koti

Koti - its natural surroundings

Koti, an erstwhile princely state in India, is spread from Shimla Ridge to beyond the Golf course of Naldhera designed by Lord Curzon in 1905. In October 2005, Koti Golf Cup was organized to commemorate the centenary of the Golf course. The major Tourist Places in Koti can be listed as The Ridge, Naldhera Golf Ground, Mashobra, Charabra (Wild Flower Hall) part of Kufri and The Retreat of The President of India, among others. For providing the best accommodation to the tourists visiting the lovely destination, a range of Hotels in Koti is available. Any superb Resort in Koti is equipped with all the amazing services and facilities. You can Koti Holiday Packages to make your tour much easy and convenient. Major attractions around Koti are explained below:

Naldhera: This is a Viceroy's Delight, originally named as Nal Deo. This golf course, which was once the world's highest golf course, was made under the instructions of Lord Curzon.

Tattapani: 28 km far from Naldhera, Tattapani is the place where the Satluj flows, creating full scope for river rafting. The sulphur springs found here are said to be revitalizing.

Craignanoo: The biggest fruit Research centre of Northern India is Just a kilometer far from Koti. You can see here eye-catching gardens with a big range of apple trees.

Wild Flower Hall: This hall was originally built by Lord Kitchener, has now been revitalized by the Oberoi group. Just 9 km from Craignanoo, this wild flower hall is based in the old Koti state.

Sarahan: The abode of Goddess Bhimakali, Sarahan is 44 km beyond Rampur. The temple offers a blend of Hindu and Buddhist architecture, housing a small museum.

Sangla Valley: Among the most gorgeous valleys in India, Sangla Valley is just a half days drive from Sarahan. You can have a reviving experience with a trek to the Chitkul glacier on the bank of the river.

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